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Meet The Team

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Frēda Drake


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Frēda has a vast amount of experience in marketing and public relations, appearing regularly on radio, television and teaching marketing and publicity techniques at group events.


She hosted The Business Edge radio show, and was a regular guest and fill-in host on many other radio shows.

She's a thought leader and an accomplished author who has edited and contributed to various publications in a variety of fields.


Freda currently has a book on publicity, which is slated to be released Fall 2021. She was featured in "One Word That Will Change Your Life" (2020) and "Credibility Nation" (2020).

She's received many awards, including The 2018 Spotlight Award by Dustin Burleson Seminars for her "service and contribution ... and unparalleled coaching to doctors and their employees."

She's always been active in her community, serving on many boards and in other capacities. She believes the only wasted life is the life without learning.


Miguel Lantigua

Social Media Director & Manager

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Throughout his career, Miguel has worked with over 90 professional brands on content creation, social media marketing and SEO management.


He specializes in content creation, which includes social media strategy, graphics, videos, and post-production editing.

Whether as a Team Lead or Sole Producer, Miguel’s spent the past 15 years producing content for independent and high level brands such as The North Face, Nike, Fightbox TV, Saradan Films and New Line Cinema on a variety of projects from vlogs to podcast to film trailers. He currently runs an independent music publishing label Elsewhere Playhaus in St Pete, Florida.

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Seth Czerepak

Copywriting, Content Strategy, Editing

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Seth is an Author, Freelance Copywriter, and Harvard Certified Neuroscientist.


He is known all over the world as a thought leader on the topics of Persuasive Copywriting and Practical Axiology.


Seth’s professional experience includes 15,000 hours of direct response copywriting and 10,000 hours of one-on-one counseling. He also holds degrees in philosophy, music theory, and developmental psychology.


Since 2009, Seth has ghostwritten and edited hundreds of books on the topics of leadership, cognitive behavior therapy, entrepreneurship, and critical thinking. 


Percival "Bill" Davis

Author and Writing Consultant

 A renowned author, Bill came to the national stage when he was featured on the cover of the Wall Street Journal. 

However, he also remained a college professor until he retired, so he could stay in touch with his target audience. As a result, he has singlehandedly served as an inspiration in many lives.


Bill has taught at Columbia University, St. Pete College, Hillsborough Community College, DePauw University, and Clearwater Christian College. His books include Biology, World of Biology, Human Anatomy & Physiology, Of Pandas and People, and more.

Bill's been honored by the CS Lewis Society and has spoken to Ben Stein about his experiences.

Bill comes to us as a writing consultant, specializing in the scientific field.

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David Purdy

Talk Director

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Dave is a US Navy veteran with a background in radio. His golden voice has been used in both radio and voiceover work. He is experienced both at the mic and in the production room.

He is particularly knowledgeable about what sells in radio, and how to position the client's messaging to get them the maximum, effective publicity possible.


David Maas

Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Technical
Writer, Editor

David is a founding member of the Writers Alliance of Gainesville and the first poetry editor of WAG’s internationally acclaimed creative writing journal Bacopa.


He has helped hundreds of poets, academic writers and fiction authors prepare their work for publication. He leads and participates in writing workshops throughout North Florida. 

David is a former copywriter and publicist for Study Abroad Services at the University of Florida’s International Center. David wrote and published study guides and supplemental course materials in algebra, trigonometry and creative writing. He is the author of the poetry collections Faces and The Unabashed Dictionary (publications pending). He is the editor of James Patrick Schmidt’s Love Poems on Bar Napkins.


Topics he is “fluent” in include philosophy, linguistics, computer science, botany, zoology, ecology, chemistry, astronomy, advanced mathematics, game theory, economics, European and American history, travel, film studies, culinary arts and more.


Tom Denham

Journalist / Writer

As a PR professional, Tom has served as Press Secretary for the Florida Speaker of the House and Director of Communications for the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice.  He was former New York Yankees Owner George Steinbrenner’s publicist for his Tampa-based charities and businesses for five years.  He served as a partner and Director of Media Relations for one of the largest public relations firms in Central Florida for more than 10 years, generating television and radio interviews for a wide variety of clients.  Tom has a solid foundation in journalism, having served as the former crime reporter for the Tampa Tribune and an editor of several community newspapers. This knowledge of both daily and community-based publications gives him a unique viewpoint for knowing what types of articles fit what types of publications.  He has generated articles in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the New York Times, and daily newspapers throughout the nation.  He is a Vietnam-Era Navy veteran. 

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