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What Sets You Apart from Your Competition?

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

I recently saw this. If your eyes glaze over as you attempt to read it, just skip to the next paragraph:

WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE: We are fanatically passionate about expectations that can be accomplished through clear communication, strategic planning, and a flair for problem solving. We will assess your current situation and find out why you are not getting the results you intended and create a plan-of-action for achieving your specific goals and taking your business to the next level.

Did you fall asleep? Did your mind begin to wander after the first 5 words? Did you cynically say "Oh suuuuure, like everyone else"?

I'm willing to bet most of you experienced at least one of those reactions.

We've all made similar mistakes. But when your self-summary sounds like a college freshman's paper, it's time to re-evaluate it.

First, it's a given you're all gung-ho about clients. We all are. We have to be. So telling a client, basically, "Hey! We're all gung-ho about you!" is trite. Instead, sell them on who you are. This is called personal branding. Make yourself memorable and not just a bunch of dull sentences picked randomly from a sales seminar.

I recently read about a company that sells spices. Only spices. And they're absolutely booming. Why? After all, they're up against major spice distributors like McCormick. When they positioned themselves, they didn't write "We will give you the best spices possible. We'll work hard to make sure every cookie tastes spicy. We have all kinds of varieties and blends." Instead, Calicutt's Spice Company emphasized what made them unique, and it's a huge selling point!

They explained that other spice companies purchase spices from brokers, and spices lose their potency as time passes. Spices can go through many brokers before they end up in a labeled can on your store shelf. That means they're going to naturally be inferior to freshly-sourced spices. And what Calicutt's does is go directly to the farmers, bypassing the middle men.

What a differentiator! And it's what makes them unique. It's why their store continues to thrive on Etsy. Yes: Etsy. It's a small family-owned business and they've carved out a successful niche for themselves because they were able to differentiate Calicutt's from the competition. Have a look at their story, here, and be inspired.


What makes you unique?

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